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Paul LaCroix, CEO, Invotek GroupPaul LaCroix, CEO
With a constant need to innovate and industry segments with CAGR in excess of 100%, the electronics manufacturing market is one of the world's most dynamic sectors. The demand for outsourced manufacturing services is touching new heights with growing demands for high reliability electronics. Growth markets include IoT, Rugged Communications, and Medical devices. Companies in these markets must choose strong partners to support their manufacturing operations. The right decision is one that can guarantee a smooth journey from design to aftermarket support, emphasizing time to market. Invotek Group, an electronic manufacturing service provider, successfully offers highly reliable electronics manufacturing services to its clients. The company provides full turnkey solutions including product design and engineering, supply chain management, advanced manufacturing, as well as distribution and order fulfillment. The company uses its world-class manufacturing facilities, globally, to co-develop using Value Engineering principles. “We are experts in improving our client’s designs and making them competitive globally,” mentions Paul LaCroix, CEO, and co-founder of Invotek.

With their strategic alliance with Crossover Solutions, a global consulting group, Invotek manages a globally competitive supply chain, and utilizes proven processes and procedures to ensure quality. Along with electronic component supply, Invotek has qualified network of supplier partners for all varieties of materials and processes. This includes injection molding, stamping, etc. Additionally, the company also partners with a worldwide organization specialized in distribution and retail.

We are Your Factory

Such engagements allow them to utilize the partner’s distribution warehouses and retail outlets to offer 3PL and enhanced direct fulfillment services. Invotek Group’s supply chain management and purchasing capabilities enables them to build strategic relationships with component suppliers and distributors globally. With such capabilities, Invotek Group can service customers around the world markets on time and under budget.

The company introduces a unique collaborative business model to its clients, “Your Factory”. This is a key differentiator in the electronics manufacturing industry. With that, clients and partners can utilize Invotek’s global facilities and resources as true collaborative partners with the flexibility and control of having in-house capabilities without the capital expense. The business model allows them to build concurrent development and launch processes and ensures on-time delivery with flexible manufacturing schedules. “Your Factory” principles allow Invotek to be an extension of their customers’ enterprise.

As an example, an IoT client approached Invotek to support a rapid takeover of a cellular-based monitoring system, as they were having significant issues in the areas of stable component supply and overall quality. The project required scalable production while maintaining superior quality as the device was required to operate in and survive very stringent environmental conditions. After collaborating with Invotek Group, they helped the client assess the issues associated with the product's performance and built first off pilot products in two weeks. The company succeeded in maintaining 100 percent quality during the pilot and pre production launch activities. After understanding Invotek Group’s value proposition, the client sourced Invotek all of their production electronic assemblies. During this time, Invotek supported the client in design optimization. In three months, with their help, the client started manufacturing 15,000 units per month.

Such success stories demonstrate Invotek’s ability to provide customers with a compelling solution to their manufacturing needs, emphasizing world class cost, quality, and delivery. In the near future, the company plans to expand its global footprint in the areas of manufacturing services, supply chain, and product engineering.

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Invotek Group

Invotek Group

ON, Canada

Paul LaCroix, CEO

Invotek Group is a global electronic manufacturing service provider. The company is successful in offering flexible, scalable, high reliable electronics manufacturing services with an emphasis on cost, quality, and delivery to its clients