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Dr. Aart de Geus, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer, SYNOPSYS. INCDr. Aart de Geus, Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer From a television remote to mobile phones and cars, every device that is used on a daily basis is turning smart, connected and software enabled. Most equipment is powered by the latest artificial intelligence technologies, and have multiple cognitive functionalities. While the devices are proactive and responsive, the true genius is the system on a chip (SoC) that is enclosed within. The integrated circuits have the power to intertwine all pieces of a computer and harness its ability to perform all instructed operations successfully. In time with machine learning and computer vision capabilities, these devices will be able to understand user behaviour patterns, and then respond accordingly. A cause of concern, however, is the security of public information and the methods in which it is utilized.

To meet the new-age consumer demands of the digital 2.0 era, electronics manufacturers as a prerequisite must be equipped to deliver these modern marvels. While most firms are quickly deploying platforms at their bases that can enhance workflows and boost productivity, an issue they still face is having to purchase individual platforms for different operational processes.

Enter, Synopsys, an organization recognized globally as a leading technology solution and services provider with more than three decades of experience in the SoC arena. The prime focus of the firm is to offer electronics manufacturers with solutions for creating and verifying the sophisticated chips, while also empowering them with the advanced power required to build these integrated circuits.

Advanced Custom Chip Designing

Synopsys’ leverages a platform Custom Design for SoC manufacturers that offers optimal control over all processes involved during design. The computational software enables for development units to stay focused on their operations, and to deliver chips that are optimized to output power, and offer performance.

At the core of Synopsys’ platform is their trademarked solution Custom Compiler. This piece of digitally engineered software allows chip manufacturers to have a unique design environment for analog, digital and mixed-signal integrated circuit modelling.

Synopsys’ Custom Compiler has built-in verification subsets to find physical and electrical mistakes during design layout

Custom Compiler has a set of features that empowers its users with design entry, simulation management and analysis, and custom layout editing. It enhances the entire design workflow allowing for users to be proactive and efficient, and the solution is easy to adopt even for individuals accustomed to utilizing legacy systems.

The design environment of Synopsys’ flagship solution also allows for design debug, analysis and reporting. Besides, the supreme control parameters it brings to chip designing, the solution also allows for verification to ensure every integrated circuit is produced with assured quality. Through Custom Compiler it is simple to elucidate design intent and attain analog design closure, with added tools for preset code and early parasitic simulation.

Quality Verified Integrated Circuits

Every manufacturer across varied enterprise spectrums wants to deliver the best possible outcome of a product to consumer market shelves, and want chips that not only offer performance but are also non-erroneous. For this Synopsys’ Custom Compiler has built-in verification subsets to find physical and electrical mistakes during design layout.

"Custom Compiler has a set of features that empowers its users with design entry, simulation management and analysis, and custom layout editing"

It comprises of design rule, and electromigration testing, while also allowing users to examine a chips resistance and capacitance extraction capacity. To bring life to this process, Synopsys employs a visually-assisted automation flow. This innovative approach will enable users to have enhanced layout productivity that is boosted by up to 10times above standard set benchmarks in the electronics manufacturing arena.

In addition to these digital testing capabilities of Custom Compiler, Synopsys offers a stand-alone product, IC Validator, an all-out solution that allows SoC manufacturers to have precise physical verification during signoff of chips ready for the market. The program provides integrated circuit designers and developers with the opportunity to have distributed processing with state-of-the-art scalability. The verification module can also be combined with other Synopsys solutions under the Fusion Design banner. This allows users to decide on design rapidly, and proceed to manufacture enabled with signoff-quality analysis, and automated reconstruction incase of any errors found during the final production cycle.

A Short Story of Success

As semiconductor process technology continues to evolve, and the bandwidth of applications goes higher, it is essential for electronics manufacturers to have clear visibility of their component and chip design operations. In one such case, a large data storage device manufacturer that was seeking a platform to design its high-performance mixed-signal SoC. With impending issues in semiconductor parity and electromigration, the company had gone through a list of solution providers before zeroing in on Synopsys.

Prior to implementation, a team of developers from Synopsys visited the clients base to assess the issues, and to decide on which platform would be the best option to scale design operations and mitigate any anomalies. A final decision was made, and Synopsys’ Custom Design Platform was integrated at the clients modelling labs. It offered the customer a flexible, productive solution that enhanced the advanced-node custom design SoC modelling process, and further empowered the client with real-time data insights on areas that were affected and needed extra concentration. The easy operability of the platform allowed the developers to quickly learn to utilize it to its optimal level. The client was able to see immediate gains in productivity throughout the design process, and mainly for mixed-signal simulation, layout and physical verification.

The Journey So Far and the Path Ahead

Having successfully assisted and guided many clients over the years to climb new heights in the SoC design and production realm. The team at Synopsys continues to research and develop its platform to formulate even more powerful solutions into its already elaborate cadre. As the complexity of designing and building integrated circuits in advanced process nodes continues to rise, Synopsys plans to focus on how best to upgrade its solutions to meet the demands of the SoC and electronics manufacturers.

Besides the custom SoC design and verification solutions, Synopsys has a wide array of products that can further upscale integrated circuit modelling and production. It also offers a portfolio of Analog IP optimized for SoC implementation in a variety of applications. The list of areas where these sophisticated lines of code can be utilized includes broadband communications, multimedia and embedded data acquisition. Synopsys is regarded in the chip design and production space as one of the leading providers of essential infrastructure IP for design and verification. The highly-acclaimed technology service provider deploys a specialized and unique IP library DesignWare which comprises of datapath IP and AMBA On-Chip Bus fabrics and microcontrollers for standard bus interfaces. The additional components of the information subset and its components incorporate coding for low power architectures and IP, and this allows its users to produce devices with extended battery life, and reduced SoC power consumption.