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Dhruvesh Patel, CTO, VOLANSYS TechnologiesDhruvesh Patel, CTO
In the past, anytime anyone even brought up the word “manufacturing,” the most common thing that people thought of, was China. The spectrum of Electronics Manufacturing Services is changing today due to trade uncertainties, concerns of IP protection, and model optimization. Of course, the large scale manufacturing models would often work a lot more feasible in larger companies such as Apple or Samsung, but for many small to medium-sized companies, there are several inherent challenges. Many times, they overlook the importance of manufacturing readiness phase or underestimate the efforts involved in managing design changes with less technical & remote manufacturing partners. This is where VOLANSYS Technologies specializes in, to try that challenge and help build manufactured products by applying a broad mix of hardware, embedded software & manufacturing expertise with an engineering driven manufacturing approach for the small to medium scale businesses. “Companies stuck between a rock and a hard place—struggling to choose between nearshore manufacturing and China—we give them that nearshore experience, with the benefit of both cost and engineering driven hassle-free manufacturing experience,” states Dhruvesh Patel, CTO at VOLANSYS.

The company was started back in 2008 by founders who come from a design engineering background. VOLANSYS initially offered end to end product engineering services. Subsequently, with a strong foothold in IoT based product development and a better understanding of challenges faced by small to medium sized product companies, VOLANSYS introduced a portfolio of customer-centric ODM solutions and engineering driven manufacturing service. From specifications rendering to manufacturing ready, the company moved down the line, as they began to understand more about the challenges that even the more nimble customers were facing and expanded to address those requirements for those customers. From the market segmentation point of view, VOLANSYS cater concept to manufacturing services with advanced wireless connectivity and connected applications implementation for industrial devices, smart wearables, healthcare devices, home automation, automotive, and security & surveillance.

Their ODM solutions range from ready to use IoT Gateways to reusable hardware components like system on modules and radio connectivity modules—such that their customers can leverage them in their product design.

Companies stuck between a rock and a hard place—struggling to choose between nearshore manufacturing and China—we give them that nearshore experience, with the benefit of both cost and engineering driven hassle-free manufacturing experience

VOLANSYS Technologies have several ODM solutions— fundamentally complete products such as IoT gateways— these are a cost-effective and secure way of connecting the Internet of Things devices to industry-leading cloud platforms.The goal for them is to shorten the product development cycles for their customers. VOLANSYS Technologies helps IoT solution provider and device manufacturers looking to incorporate IoT in their roadmap with readymade solutions. These would be the case for say, a healthcare provider who requires solutions for elderly care. They would spend more time taking care of their aged patrons, rather than build complex gateways, maintain connectivity, and develop cloud and mobile applications. That is where VOLANSYS Technologies leverage this ODM solution, to realize customer’s product roadmap with a lower cost of ownership and faster time to market.

One of the leading leak detection solution providers was looking for product enhancement - more features & lower cost - for their customers. The solution provider is a market leader but had limited expertise with electronics design & manufacturing. VOLANSYS helped them in doing a first-time-right design in record time to market and launch their product in as little as 6 to 9 months. VOLANSYS made the overall experience very smooth by leveraging their design, manufacturing transfer, and manufacturing expertise.

From the services point of view, VOLANSYS Technologies is the preferred IoT system implementation partner, primarily for Product Engineering, Wired/Wireless Connectivity and Digital Networks, Cloud-based IoT Platform and Connected Mobile and Web Applications. From a product portfolio perspective, the company already have several solutions, but realize that customers are still looking for a complete solution from one place. “Be it cloud, interfacing devices, developing mobile applications, and so on, we are focusing on making our solutions complete in the existing domains that we already support.” Simultaneously, VOLANSYS Technologies is trying to make their engagement models friendlier for small to medium scale companies— companies that do not have deep pockets, who want to try out their product ideas with the minimum possible investment while retaining the flexibility to have a cost-effective solution when they scale up. VOLANSYS is known for building interoperable IoT solutions that work across broad product lines and industries ranging from commercial lighting, building automation, smart industrial applications, smart cities, oil and gas, agriculture, and more.