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Neil Cannon, CEO, LEDdynamicsNeil Cannon, CEO
The National Archives in Washington, DC, is home to over 15 billion historical records, with the centerpiece being the Rotunda of the Charters of Independence. In this chamber, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights are proudly displayed. On the base of the dome overlooking the displays, an elaborate fixture of lighting illuminates the Rotunda. It is designed in such a way that it brings out the architectural marvel of the chamber while also keeping the fragile documents from harmful exposureto the light.

This optimal illumination engineering design was made possible by the knowledge and expertise of LEDdynamics—a cutting-edge LED technology provider. The company, together with a renowned lighting designer, not only enhanced the interior magnificence of the Rotunda but also facilitated safe and controlled lighting within the chamber.

“LEDdynamics is a one-stop-shop for some of the best lighting solutions in the market;from conducting minor enhancements and personalizing designs of LED systems to creating entirely new illumination products, we do it all,” says Neil Cannon, the CEO of LEDdynamics.The company develops both standard products and custom solutions for OEM and fixture manufacturers. More notably, all these offerings are supported by excellent services from LEDdynamics. With over 20 years of experience, the company is always ready to assist clients throughout their product development cycle, including the final analyses of the fixtures.

To reach this point of being one of the most sought-after LED specialists, the company has crossed several milestones on its journey to excellence. Since its inception in Rochester, VT, LEDdynamics has witnessed rapid growth by developing several market-leading offerings, including LED drivers, intelligent controllers, light engines, and modules. The company is an industry innovator of LED components, all of which are designed to meet the specific requirements ofa brand-new product or can be retrofitted with existing lighting applications.Together with that, whenever an illumination project requires a special form, fit, or function that isnot available in off-the-shelf components, LEDdynamics offers custom engineering and manufacturing capabilities to make that possible.

Unlocking the Benefits of Natural Light

LEDdynamics’ PERFEKTLIGHT™ tunable white LED technology is undoubtedly a turning point in LED innovation. At a time when people’s exposure to sunlight is decreasing, this lighting technology is playing a crucial role in restoring the circadian rhythms of individuals. The PERFEKTLIGHT™ can seamlessly recreate the effect of sunlight at the right times of the day. The technology leverages geographic information to automatically adjust interior lighting to match the sunny skies outside. Thus, PERFEKTLIGHT™ replicates the dynamic progression of the sunlight within our living spaces, enabling a healthier life.

Illuminating the Path to Domestic LED Development

LEDdynamics has always been a strong proponent of domestic development, which has shaped most of its strategic decisions. Unlike most companies in the illumination space that outsource production, LEDdynamics insists on establishing quality manufacturing and service capabilities in the U.S. itself.

LEDdynamics’ PERFEKTLIGHT™ tunable white LED technology is undoubtedly a turning point in LED innovation

True to its philosophy, the company conducts all its research, design, and development from its bespoke27,000 square feet facility in Randolph, VT.

The facility employs highlyskilled engineers that bring first-class talent and expertise to the company. Remote-working sales teams are deployed all across the country to better address the illumination needs of clients. Also, being a rurallylocated company, LEDdynamics is generating jobs and improving the economy of the region by partnering with domestic providers.

“With a lot of OEMs and other brands in the lighting industry repatriating their products to North America, domestic production facilities like ours are becoming even more crucial,” says Cannon.As a result of the rising tariffs and sanctions, organizations are turning their backs on overseas sourcing and choosing domestic component supply. Operating from its Randolph facility, the company offers best-in-class components at competitive prices and short lead times. Furthermore, LEDdynamicsis easily accessible to clients throughout the U.S. The company’s onshore operations are especially becoming favorable during the COVID-19 situation, as clients don’t have to travel overseasamid lockdowns to meet their providers.

“Another advantage of having an inhouseISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility is that we can develop our own components while maintaining the strictest standards of quality control,” says Cannon. Indeed, the company is prepared to meet a broad variety of client requirements, whether it is a scheduled high-volume production or a high-mix (for specific applications) low volume production. Empowered by these capabilities, LEDdynamics also manufactures and delivers private-labeled products to some of the biggest names in the lighting industry around the world.

Breaking Through the Boundaries of Industry Standards

Today, LEDdynamics is breaking through the boundaries of ‘possibility’ in the realm of illumination. Led by industry experts Neil Cannon, CEO, and William McGrath, president and CTO, the company is aiming to further enhance its exceptional LED technologies. In the coming months, LEDdynamics will leverage the benefits of its natural light products in healthcare and other industry verticals. Moving along this path of growth and innovation, the company is poised todominate the LED sector. “We are at the threshold of the next revolution in the illumination industry. With technologies like PERFEKTLIGHT™ technology, we will unlock the true potential of LED and bring greater benefits to our clients,” concludes Cannon.

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Randolph, VT

Neil Cannon, CEO

With research, design, and production in one purpose-built facility, LEDdynamics is at the forefront of promoting LED innovation to customers around the globe. LEDdynamics has a long history of inventing and producing solutions that meet a demanding market. LEDdynamics hires top engineers and the brightest talent in the industry, ready to assist clients with product development, product design, electronics, photometric analysis, thermal management analysis, rapid prototype development, failure analysis, and custom manufacturing. The company’s in-house manufacturing enables the production of a wide variety of LED systems and components while maintaining strict ISO 9001 quality standards