Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies-2020
UMAI United Manufacturing Assembly, Inc.: Facilitating Cost-Effective, on-Shore Electronics Manufacturing

Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies-2020

The world of electronics and manufacturing is on a continual uphill climb in terms of their importance in today’s digital revolution. With continually growing demands from consumers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) throughout the globe, electronics manufacturing organizations are being faced with a myriad of new challenges like ERP and big data management. Ranging from reformed rules and compliance regulations to increasing demands, C-suite executives are required to adapt and leverage the latest technologies to stay relevant in their respective marketplaces. This ultimately led to the emergence of many trends that showed promise in helping manufacturers understand their customers and effectively cater to their ever-evolving needs. One of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of managing an electronics manufacturing business in today’s world is that of employing third-party services and consulting organizations.

With the help of an electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company, enterprises are empowered with the ability to predict and tackle various challenges and ensure that their operations are running at maximum efficiency. An EMS typically consists of industry and technology experts with many years of experience in the field, which complements their services with substantial credibility. Some predictions in the area indicate that alongside the advantages of AI and robotic innovations, incorporating stringent decision-making practices and predictive analytics are significant factors in establishing a robust, competitive, and relevant electronics manufacturing enterprise. And ensuring a consistent and intelligent investment in manufacturing research and development for the world of smartphones, microprocessors, and computers will help gain significant ROI.

In this evolving landscape of electronics manufacturing, this issue of Manufacturing Technology Insights is carefully crafted to assist you in developing productive partnerships and improving the performance of your manufacturing processes with the best lean practices. We have compiled a list of the leading electronics manufacturing consulting/service companies that are making significant contributions to various industries in the coming years. Through their incomparable cutting-edge research and development activities, these service providers are set to transform the electronics manufacturing industry. We hope this edition helps you build the partnership you need to enhance the performance and sustainability of your organization.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’ “Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies – 2020.”

    Top Electronics Manufacturing Consulting/Service Companies

  • Flexible Circuit Technologies (FCT) is a global supplier of Flexible Circuits, Rigid-Flex, Flexible Heaters, Sub-Assemblies, and related Value Added Services. Most often, they work with engineers who are seeking support for their product development efforts. Founded in 2000, Flexible Circuit Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. PCB, Rigid-Flex, Flat Flex, Membrane Switches, Flexible Circuits, Flexible Heaters are some of the specialties of the company. FCT is well equipped to meet all the needs from providing open, flexible circuits to sub-assemblies, to complete box builds, to supporting the clients in finding other partners

  • California-based United Manufacturing Assembly, Inc. (UMAI)—a minority woman-owned company—offers a complete range of PCB assembly services from procurement, assembly, engineering support, and testing services, to full system built and order drop-ship service. Aligning with today's electronics manufacturing trends, UMAI focuses on high-mix low to medium volume production. Also, the company also provides repair and return merchandise authorization (RMA) service, where it replaces a product or a specific part of it and fixes any dysfunction. It allows the company to better tailor to specific customer demand, improve responsiveness and lower inventory requirements for finished goods

  • K TECHnologies

    K TECHnologies

    K-TECHnologies is an electronic and electromechanical contract manufacturer company focusing on high-reliability applications in the military, space, rail, and industrial markets. K-TECH is a privately owned company that addresses the needs of markets, customers, and applications with products that don’t fail for uses where they must work without question. K-TECH is qualified to meet the High-Reliability requirements of military and NASA standards as well as regulatory requirements for medical and specialized industrial equipment used in critical environments. They provide contract design, development, and manufacturing services for electronic and electro-mechanical assemblies

  • Assembly Technologies

    Assembly Technologies

    Assembly Technologies is a contract manufacturer specializing in end-to-end electronics manufacturing services (EMS). ATI offers solutions and expertise to Original Electronics Manufacturer (OEM) within the industrial, commercial, telecommunications, defense, aerospace, medical, automotive, and power sectors. Founded in 2001, the company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Assembly Technologies strives to provide quality solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of customers. With a growing global supply chain, ATI delivers cost-effective solutions from prototype to high volume production. The services provided by Assembly Technologies are Electronic Manufacturing Services, Prototyping, Supply Chain Management, NPI, and Offshore Manufacturing

  • BTW


    Established in 1993, BTW is a privately held company based in Coon Rapids, MN. BTW has over 25 years of experience in the customized electronics contract manufacturing services industry, satisfying the needs of regional, national, and international markets. The company provides a “tier one” like service offering, enhanced by the flexibility and responsiveness of a smaller private organization. Their top deliverables are quality, personal customer service, and value. The services provided by the company include Printed Circuit and Finished Product Assembly, System Integration, Electronics Engineering and Design, Product Lifecycle Support, Test Development and Complete Testing Services, Third Party Logistics (3PL), and Global Supply Chain Management

  • JEM Electronics

    JEM Electronics

    JEM Electronics, Inc. is a contract manufacturer of custom electro-mechanical assemblies, cable assemblies, and wire harnesses. JEM has been in business for over 30 years, growing steadily, and today they maintain manufacturing facilities in two locations. The corporate headquarters is in Franklin, Massachusetts, and a second facility is located in Tijuana, Mexico. RF Cable Assemblies, Ethernet Cable Assemblies, Power Cable Assemblies, Custom Wire Harnesses, Flat & Ribbon Cable Assemblies, Molded Cable Assemblies, Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies, Box Build Assemblies, Electro-Mechanical Assemblies, Automated Wire Processing, Electrical Safety Testing, Prototyping, Ultrasonic Welding, Electronics Potting, High Volume Manufacturing, and Insulation Displacement Connectors are some of the services provided by JEM

  • Keytronic


    Keytronic is a value-added contract manufacturer to some of the leading OEMs. The business specializes in PCB assembly, plastic molding, and full product assembly, with products ranging from simple consumer devices to complex, high end commercial and industrial electromechanical products. The enterprise’s unique blend of high caliber design, engineering and manufacturing services, flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs, and ability to provide a full range of product testing services have uniquely positioned KeyTronicEMS in the highly-competitive global contract manufacturing marketplace. Their additional specialties include NPI, concept development, electrical/mechanical engineering, full product assembly, sub-assembly, PCB assembly, prototype, precision tooling, injection, and blow molding

  • Masterwork Electronics

    Masterwork Electronics

    At Masterwork, the enterprise’s goal is to deliver a range of the highest quality manufacturing services to its customers. From PCBA and cable/harness assemblies to electronic component assembly and full box build, the business’s experience and expertise help its clients stay globally competitive. With California-based corporate leadership and state-of-the-art production just over the border in Mexicali, Mexico—Masterwork Electronics is a premier partner for nearshoring for high quality/low-cost manufacturing solutions. Masterwork’s Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) spans a wide array of industries, from consumer electronics and telecommunications to vending and industrial electronics manufacturing

  • Pennatronics


    Pennatronics Corporation is a quality provider of contract manufacturing services to original equipment manufacturers in a variety of industries, including healthcare, metering, and sensing equipment, industrial controls, and related industries. Each of their projects is driven by efficient, rapid-response methodology, stringent quality control, and highly skilled personnel. They deliver exceptional service, including customer design support, board assembly, testing, and box build–all at competitive pricing. The firm’s services benefit high-mix, low-volume OEMs as well as low-mix, high-volume OEMs. Pennatronics specializes in complex builds and tight turnarounds, and the size and flexibility enable businesses to custom-tailor the facility and staff to meet the most significant demands

  • STI Electronics

    STI Electronics

    STI Electronics is a full-service organization providing training services, training materials, analytical/failure analysis, prototyping, and small-to-medium volume PCB assembly. Their goal is to provide support through products and services in the field of electronics manufacturing. Utilizing some of the most advanced equipment for training, R&D, prototyping, and analysis enable engineers and analysts at STI the versatility to provide the highest quality services for a wide range of products and services in order to address the challenges and issues facing today’s electronics manufacturers