Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Services Companies 2022
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Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Services Companies 2022

The electronics manufacturing industry is growing rapidly leveraging the latest technology advancements in fabrication processes and components designing. The major electronics manufacturing trends include the use of advanced materials, organic electronics, and miniaturization. Besides, disruptive technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) play a significant role in enabling smart manufacturing practices and also they act as the growth drivers for the industry. Hence, startups and scaleups increasingly develop innovations around designing and manufacturing electronic components for high efficiency and compatibility. Similarly, 3D printing is enabling the electronics fabrication industry to become more dynamic and cost-effective. Along with organic electronics, the top electronics manufacturing trends improve the efficiency, durability, and sustainability of industrial and consumer electronics.

For decades, silicon has been a mainstay of the semiconductor industry, but there is a limit to how much you can etch, lithograph, and pattern a silicon material. Therefore, new materials and architectures are enabling integrated circuits to perform better. Efficiencies and enhanced performance are being achieved by using silicon alternatives and other semiconductor materials or composites such as GaN, and SiC, graphene, and nanomaterials,

During different stages of the PCB assembly process, humans play a significant role. Human error is a possibility in manufacturing, and it impedes overall efficiency. An effective solution to these challenges is the adoption of immersive technologies. Using such solutions, all possible scales of design objects are inspected, eliminating product defects at the design stage.

A circuit quality check identifies design problems in the circuitry and common manufacturing problems like slivers, missing solder pads, and starved terminals before fabrication begins. Moreover, it facilitates personnel training, prototype development, and assembly maintenance and enables operators to visualise production workflows before changing their lines. Despite another challenging year for manufacturing, this year provided an opportunity to improve risk management programs, manufacturing operations, and supply chain management. Organisations will be better prepared for 2022 if they embrace environmental issues instead of fighting against them.

We present to you, “Top 10 Electronics Manufacturing Services Companies - 2022.”

    Top Electronics Manufacturing Services Companies

  • Founded in 1947, Riverside Mfg specializes in manufacturing high quality and reliable custom electronic solutions and products to a broad range of customers. The company’s prominent position in the industry is the result of its exceptional in-house capabilities that comprise product development, PCB assembly, electronics assembly, industrial labels, instrumentation, and metal fabrication. What gives Riverside Mfg an edge over the competition is its ability to offer both manufacturing and full-service product design under one roof.

  • C&D Assembly

    C&D Assembly

    C&D Assembly is a leading domestic Electronics Contract Manufacturer specializing in rapid-prototype and low to mid volume high-mix production requirements. Their dynamic manufacturing model enables us to accommodate the changing demands of a high-mix environment, while maintaining the ability to provide larger production runs. The company's core manufacturing services include: automated Surface Mount (SMT) Assembly, automated & manual Thru-hole (THT / PTH) Assembly, Mixed Technology assembly, Box Build, and complete Functional Testing.

  • Capital Electro Circuits

    Capital Electro Circuits

    Capital Electro-Circuits is a unique PC Board manufacturing company. Many of the parts that they have manufactured have been “specialty” jobs, outside of the standard PCB fabrication line, and sometimes without a defined method of manufacture or production. The increasing success of the company is a direct result of delivering the highest quality printed circuit boards and specialty products with above and beyond standard PC Boards.

  • Debron Industrial Electronics

    Debron Industrial Electronics

    Debron Industrial Electronics is a full service provider of wire and cable harness assemblies, printed circuit board assemblies, and diagnostic repair and integration services. They partner with our customers to create a long lasting value-based relationship. The company's services include high-level assemblies and black box builds for a variety of sectors including industrial, automotive, aerospace, defense, energy efficiency technology, LED Lighting, manufacturing, medical, and robotics.

  • EE Technologies

    EE Technologies

    EE Technologies is a premier contract manufacturing partner that provides global electronics manufacturing services. They develop, manufacture, and ship products for our customers from US and Mexico locations. These services increase customer competitiveness by delivering improved product quality, improved performance, and reduced costs.

  • Flip Electronics

    Flip Electronics

    Flip Electronics is a authorized distributor of obsolete semiconductor and electronic components.With Direct Manufacturer authorizations and relationships, Flip delivers factory-direct quality parts that are not the focus of mainstream franchise distribution. Flip works closely with their OEM and contract manufacturer clients and considers every aspect of the logistics and supply chain process while delivering exceptional solutions to best suit clients’ needs. These services help avoid costly shutdowns and provide customers with the confidence that they are not dealing in the

  • Network PCB

    Network PCB

    Network PCB, Inc. offers technological expertise, coupled with a time-critical, flexible and responsive one-stop approach, for enhanced time-to-market delivery of Printed Circuit boards. Network PCB has the most diversified printed circuit board technologies available anywhere – from quick-turn prototype to production support.

  • Prob Test

    Prob Test

    Prob-Test provides MILES Laser Training solutions, MILES equipment, engineering, and manufacturing- made in the USA. They support Legacy training equipment with parts, service and reverse engineering to replace obsolete components. The company aims to assemble and fabricate high quality military training equipment such as Laser Transmitters, Man-worn detectors, Vehicle detector assembles and electronic components such as Printed Circuit Cards and Cable Harness Assemblies.

  • The Invotek Group

    The Invotek Group

    The Invotek Group of Companies provides highly reliable electronics manufacturing services, emphasizing superior customer service, along with world-class quality, globally competitive pricing and on-time delivery. In addition, they offer highly skilled product design and engineering services. The company provides customers with the “Your Factory” business model in a true collaborative partnership. The results are shared visions, increased efficiencies, and faster time to market.

  • Z AXIS

    Z AXIS

    Z-AXIS provides quality design, prototyping and manufacturing services for complex electronic products and electromechanical assemblies. They offer fast design turnaround, competitive NRE charges, rapid production and low freight costs from their ISO 9001:2015 certified design and manufacturing facility. The company also designs manufactures and sells commercial, industrial and medical power supplies under their BEAR Power Supplies brand.